We solve business challenges through technology and the development of products and systems.

Tintoreros 4, 11170 Medina Sidonia (Cádiz)
Monday ? Friday: 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
+34 919 17 15 05



Advanced Center for Development and Innovation
#Our approach

No rules. There are no controls. There are no limits, no frontiers. The future is our world. The future is our time. Experts in the democratization of technology.

Technology business consulting
# Business analysis Innovation Plans Digital transformation
A deeptech company, focused on solving business objectives through technology and product development.
#Customers & Partner
Design, development and engineering
# Firmware development. Electronic Engineering. Product design.
Our essence is the design and construction of objects and systems that solve business challenges.

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Industrialization and manufacturing management
# Industrialization Prototype manufacturing CE Marking and Patents
We go to manufacturing, commissioning and certification.
Management of aid for innovation
# Project financing. European grants. Tax deductions.
We finance your innovation developments.
Legal services for innovation
# Intellectual property Patents and usage model Industrial property
Protect your innovation projects and take advantage of your patents.


Advanced Center for Development and Innovation
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