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Digital transformation | More than just updating Windows 10

The digital transformation It consists of improving the efficiency of processes, products and resources; by applying technology to develop systems and automate existing ones. It seeks to improve competitiveness and offer added value to its customers. Between his advantage We can highlight the improvement in productivity; cost reduction; the possibility of new business opportunities; facilitates mobility and family conciliation; new channels of interaction with customers are opened; improving service and increasing sales, etc.

Despite all its benefits and great potential, the digital transformation be ignored; still considered, or, a superfluous expense or a subsidized means by institutions to upgrade the operating system from Windows XP to Windows 10.

Advancing in digitization

According to EU data, Spain occupies 10th place in the ranking of digital transformation. Said ranking values aspects such as connectivity; human capital; use of Internet services; integration of digital technology and digital public services.

Although Spain has advanced considerably and the use of social networks has increased; the issuance of electronic invoices; the contracting of cloud services and the diffusion of electronic commerce still he has a lot to do to catch up with leading countries such as Denmark, Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands or the United Kingdom.

More than just updating Windows 10

The current lines of action are aimed at continuing to improve the data. It is intended to increase the number of companies with digital visibility; that is, they have a website and social networks to interact with their customers. It is also going to bet on increasing the use of electronic invoices, online sales or cloud services.

However, a large part of Spanish citizens do not have an online presence and lack basic digital skills. They do not know the use of the DNIe, they do not have digital certificate nor do they know about the large number of procedures, both with companies and institutions, that can be done online saving time and money. Furthermore, many micro and SMEs do not have their own elemental systems digitized. A serious delay that translates into aid destined to buy new devices, update operating systems or finance web pages. Necessary aspects to make the leap to the 21st century and not leave anyone behind in the digitization process; but that distort the true value of the digital transformation if they are not accompanied by a strategic plan that accompanies those actions. That is, without a innovation plan adapted to the particular needs and circumstances of each company.

The absence of digital culture

The greatest handicap for technological development is the absence of a digital culture; To solve this challenge, one of the priorities must be to invest in information / training and promote a digital culture at both business and educational levels. Raise awareness of its advantages, its short and long-term benefits, which go beyond financial savings. The digital transformation, investment in innovation and development can make a difference in the life span of a company; in positioning against the competition or in the dynamism, good atmosphere and efficiency of the work team.

The digital transformation consists in to get better processes, in providing added value; so it is essential to promote the implementation of systems and products that make the true technological revolution.

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